Fishing Gear Review: The KVD Elite J300 Jerkbait

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Strike King's KVD Elite J300 JerkbaitStrike King's KVD Elite J300 Jerkbait

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Expanding the already impressive lineup of jerkbaits, Strike King introduced what’s surely to be one of the best jerkbaits for bass, the KVD J300 Deep Sinking Jerkbait, in July of 2023. The J300 expanded the already impressive color palette for the KVD Elite Jerkbait series.

The KVD Elite Jerkbait comes tournament-ready with enhanced Mustad Triple Grip hooks and top-tier paint finishes. It preserves the already well-known action of Strike King jerkbaits. The color palette has been increased to 16 strike-triggering colors sure to help you catch more fish.

Excited about the expansion, Kevin VanDam, MLF Bass Pro Tour Angler, states, “I am really excited to bring my KVD Elite Jerkbait series into the 200 and 300 Deep bodies. We spent a lot of time tweaking these colors to make them the best they could be. With my signature Mustad Triple Grip Hooks already on the baits, these are tournament winners right out of the package!”

The innovative KVD J300 Deep Sinking Jerkbait opens up new possibilities for jerkbait fishing in deeper waters. Witness its descent on forward-facing sonar until it reaches your desired depth, then retrieve it towards the boat to trigger the fish's excitement. Perfectly weighted, the jerkbait sinks at nearly 0.5 feet per second while maintaining the captivating erratic action of the standard KVD 300 Deep Jerkbait.

Speaking about the KVD J300, Mark Zona, host of Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show and co-host of Bassmaster Live, shares, “I’ve spent a lot of time playing with the KVD J300 Deep Sinking Jerkbait and utilizing weights to allow me to fish deeper. We’ve added some weight to the new KVD J300 Deep Sinking Jerkbait without compromising the action of the lure. I can watch it sink right down to fish on my Humminbird LIVE that I could never reach with a jerkbait… until now!”

Why the KVD Elite J300 Jerkbait Can Make You a Better Angler

Versatile Design: The KVD Elite J300 is engineered with versatility in mind. Its unique combination of weight distribution and lip design allows it to be effective in various fishing scenarios. Whether you're targeting suspended bass, working it as a jerkbait, or using it for deeper dives, this lure adapts well to different techniques.

Realistic Action: The jerkbait mimics the erratic and lifelike movements of injured baitfish, making it irresistible to predatory bass. The precisely tuned action of the KVD Elite J300 triggers aggressive strikes, even from finicky bass.

Long Casting Distance: Equipped with a weight transfer system, this lure enables anglers to achieve impressive casting distances. Being able to cover more water increases your chances of locating active fish and enhances your overall fishing efficiency.

High-Quality Components: The lure is crafted with top-notch materials, including sharp treble hooks and durable hardware. This ensures that once you hook a fish, your chances of landing it successfully are dramatically improved. Quality components are what you expect in good jerkbaits and Strike King delivered.

Strike King KVD Elite J300 JerkbaitStrike King KVD Elite J300 Jerkbait

Pros & Cons of the KVD Elite J300 Jerkbait


Realism: The realistic appearance and action of the bait make it a consistent producer in various conditions.

Casting Distance: The weight transfer system allows for long and accurate casts, reaching distant targets effectively.

Durable Construction: High-quality components contribute to the durability of the lure, ensuring it stands up to the rigors of bass fishing.

Versatility: Suitable for different depths and fishing techniques, providing versatility in your tackle box.


Price Point: The Elite J300 is positioned at a higher price point compared to some other jerkbaits on the market.

Learning Curve: Some anglers may need time to master the jerkbait technique for optimal results.


In conclusion, the Strike King KVD Elite J300 Jerkbait stands out as a premium lure that can undoubtedly enhance your angling prowess. Its versatility, realistic action, and long casting distance make it a valuable addition to any angler's tackle box. While the initial investment may be higher, the quality construction and consistent performance justify the price.

For anglers looking to elevate their jerkbait game and target bass more effectively, the Elite J300 is a quality purchase. It's a reliable choice that has proven itself in various fishing conditions, making it a favorite among experienced anglers seeking a top-tier jerkbait for their arsenal.

The Elite J300 is a great choice for bass anglers of all skill levels, offering irresistible action, long casts, and versatility that make it a weapon in any arsenal. Despite a slightly higher price tag, the fish-catching potential easily justifies the investment.

If you're looking to up your game and entice strikes even from finicky fish, the J300 is a worthy investment. Just remember, its shallow running depth might require a backup for deep-water hunts.

With its proven performance and quality construction, the Strike King KVD Elite J300 Deep Sinking Jerkbait is a quality fishing lure for bass anglers, delivering results in various fishing conditions.

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