5 Best Musky Lures and How to Fish Them

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man holding a musky fish
man holding a musky fish

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Musky fishing, often called the "fish of 10,000 casts," is a pursuit that demands skill, patience, and the right equipment. Among the many tools in a musky angler's arsenal, lures play a pivotal role. The following 5 best musky lures not only attract these elusive giants but also incite heart-pounding strikes. Let's go over each of these lures so you can elevate your musky fishing game to the next level. So, let's dive in and discover how to fish them right.

But first, ensure you have a strong musky fishing rod, reel, and heavy braided fishing line (typically 50-80 lb. test) to handle powerful muskies.

Mepp's Musky Killer: A Classic Attractor

If you're an avid musky angler, you've likely heard of Mepp's Musky Killer Bucktail. This classic lure has stood the test of time, thanks to its enticing design and proven effectiveness.

Features that Matter - Mepp's Musky Killer boasts a variety of blade types and color variations, allowing you to customize your presentation. Whether it's the flash of a gold blade or the subtle elegance of a black blade, this lure has options to match different conditions.

A Legendary Lure - With decades of history behind it, the Musky Killer has built a solid reputation in musky fishing circles. Learn how to deploy this iconic lure for optimal results:

  • The key to fishing the Musky Killer is the retrieve. Start with a slow and steady retrieve, allowing the lure's blades to spin and create flash and vibrations that attract muskies.

  • Consider using a figure-eight motion at the end of your retrieve near the boat. Muskies often follow the lure and might strike during this maneuver.

  • Experiment with different retrieve speeds and pauses. Sometimes, a sudden burst of speed or a pause can trigger a musky's predatory instincts.

Suick Thriller: The Art of Seduction

For anglers who believe in the power of seduction, the Suick Thriller is a must-have in their musky tackle box. This lure's lifelike action and appearance make it a magnet for these elusive predators.

Lifelike Allure - The Suick Thriller's design mimics the movement of real prey, making it irresistible to muskies.

Mastering the Presentation - Fishing with the Suick Thriller requires a finesse in retrieval techniques and selecting the right tackle. Here's some tips on how to fish the Suick Thriller:

  • The Suick Thriller is known for its erratic, lifelike action. Cast your lure to a likely muskie spot and retrieve it with a jerking or twitching motion to imitate an injured fish.

  • Vary the speed and depth of your retrieve to find out what entices the muskies. Sometimes, slow and steady works, while at other times, a more aggressive retrieve might be the key to triggering a strike.

  • When the Suick Thriller reaches the boat, perform a figure-eight motion with the lure just beneath the surface. Muskies often follow lures all the way to the boat, and this maneuver can provoke a last-minute strike.

Musky Mania Jake: The Aggressive Hunter

If you prefer the aggressive approach, the Musky Mania Jake is your go-to bait. Its robust build and large profile make it a fierce competitor in the musky lure arena. It's definitely one of the best muskie baits.

Unleash the Beast - Musky Mania Jake is known for its aggressive behavior underwater. It's often the preferred choice for tackling muskies.

Taking Cover - Fishing in heavy cover or around structure can be challenging, but not when you have the Musky Mania Jake in your hands. Discover strategies to make the most of this aggressive hunter in challenging environments:

  • Musky Mania Jake is known for its aggressive, jerky action. Cast your lure near potential musky spots and retrieve it with a fast and aggressive jerking or twitching motion. This mimics an injured or disoriented baitfish, which can trigger a musky's predatory instincts.

  • Experiment with different retrieve styles, speeds, and pauses. Sometimes, a sudden change in direction or speed can incite strikes from muskies.

  • Musky Mania Jake is excellent for fishing in heavy cover and around submerged structure where muskies often lurk. Be prepared for your lure to get caught occasionally, and use strong equipment to free it.

  • When the Musky Mania Jake nears the boat, perform a figure-eight motion with the lure just beneath the surface. Muskies often follow lures to the boat and may strike during this maneuver.

  • Muskies are known for following lures without striking. Keep a close eye on your lure during retrieval, and if you see a musky following, make changes to your retrieve to encourage a strike (figure-eight motion or twitching the lure).

MUSKYI Bull Dawg: A Versatile Beast

Versatility is the name of the game with the MUSKYI Bull Dawg. This lure adapts to various musky fishing conditions and has the endurance for extended fishing trips.

The Chameleon Lure - The Bull Dawg is versatile enough to be fished in many conditions, giving you an edge when the muskies are being elusive.

Built to Last - Fishing trips can be long, and lures can take a beating. The Bull Dawg is tough enough to handle all the punishment from muskies. That's why it's a favorite for musky anglers on extended expeditions.

  • The MUSKYI Bull Dawg is versatile in terms of retrieval. You can use various techniques, including a steady retrieve, a twitch-and-pause retrieve, or a "figure-eight" at the boat side.

  • Experiment with different retrieve speeds and pauses to determine what triggers strikes from muskies in your fishing location.

  • The Bull Dawg can be fished at different depths. Adjust your retrieve to target various depth ranges until you find where the muskies are holding on that particular day.

  • This lure is known for its ability to twist and turn during the retrieve, creating an enticing action. Utilize this feature by occasionally jerking your rod to change the direction of the lure.

Savage Gear 3D Glide Swimmer: Realism in Motion

For musky anglers who crave realism in their lures, the Savage Gear 3D Glide Swimmer is a masterpiece. Its lifelike swimming action and intricate details are second to none.

A Realistic Masterpiece - Dive into the world of realism with the 3D Glide Swimmer. Its realistic design makes it too tempting for muskies. Here's some tips on fishing this amazing musky lure:

  • The Savage Gear 3D Glide Swimmer is designed to mimic the movement of real prey. Cast your lure near likely muskie spots and retrieve it with a slow, steady motion to showcase its lifelike swimming action. This swimbait is one of the best musky lures in our opinion.

  • Vary your retrieve speed occasionally to add realism to the lure's presentation. Sometimes, a faster retrieve or a sudden burst of speed can trigger a musky's predatory instincts.

  • Periodically pause your retrieve to make the Glide Swimmer appear injured or vulnerable. These pauses can mimic the behavior of injured baitfish and entice muskies to strike.

  • Adjust your retrieve to target different depth ranges. The Savage Gear 3D Glide Swimmer can be fished at various depths, allowing you to explore where the muskies are holding on that particular day.

These 5 best musky lures represent a spectrum of styles and techniques. Choosing the right lure for the occasion can significantly increase your chances of landing that trophy musky. Experiment with these lures, fine-tune your tactics, and share your musky fishing adventures with fellow anglers. The thrill of musky fishing is in the journey, and these lures can be your trusted companions on that exhilarating ride. Now, gear up, cast out, and let the conquering begin!

Mepp's Musky Killer Bucktail SpinnerbaitMepp's Musky Killer Bucktail Spinnerbait
Suick Musky Thriller in the color Cisco.Suick Musky Thriller in the color Cisco.
Musky Mania JakeMusky Mania Jake
MUSKYI Bull DawgMUSKYI Bull Dawg
Savage Gear 3D Glide SwimmerSavage Gear 3D Glide Swimmer