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With me going to bed early tonight, it can only mean one thing: my vacation has finally come to a end. What a better way to finish it off than with a 45-hour session in the vast Mirror lake for some big elusive mirrors.

Joining me on the trip was my lovely fiancé Jessi Pearson, Chad Simpson, Randy and Sean Jerome. We arrived at the park for noon and swiftly rented our canoe and got our passes to head over to our campsite, a one kilometre canoe ride to the other side of the lake. This would normally be an easy paddle but we’re carping and with all this green gear, it’s never easy. After 5 canoe trips there and back in 40 km/hr winds, we finished shipping all our gear across, ready to setup camp and cast out.

I brought my sonar along seeing as we planned to bait with a canoe. At 5:30pm the first evening, I paddled out with a water bottle tied to some braid with a weight on the bottom to use as a stationary marker and a full 20kg bucket of corn. I found a 10-foot hole in an area with steady 8 feet of depth around it so decided this was the spot where I would focus my baiting.

After having the lines in for about 5 hours, we started to get line bumps and single beeps. It wasn’t long before Randy’s rod started screaming off and with him nowhere to be seen at that moment, I took the honours of setting into my first mirror of the trip. A little bugger, only a couple pounds but it gave us hope.

Everyone had pulled their lines in, retreating to their tents by 2am and I was the only one left focused on my lines with my Jessi asleep in the bed chair behind me. I had managed to doze off for what seemed like only a second when all hell broke loose and my carpsounder alarm lit up with my first middle of the night run, weighed in at over 18lbs and with it being 4am and action starting to show I couldn’t find it in myself to go back to bed so I started fishing hard. The catching had remained steady for me the whole morning with fish coming on both the new Feedlab Bliss popup tipped with Evolution Carp Tackle Maggot Clusters as well as my other rod rigged straight artificial with an Evo yellow corn stack paired with a red maggot cluster up top and a red imitation corn underneath.

I managed 5 fish that morning beating my mirror pb on three different occasions with a beauty 21lbs 8 ounces, 24lbs 11ounces along with a couple teens but all perfect little footballs with dazzling scale patterns. For the rest of the day, I landed two more smaller fish under 10lbs as well as losing two and Jessi losing one just in front of the net. No one else had caught anything and after a good baiting with the canoe at 10:30pm, I knew it was time to reel in the rods, get a good night’s sleep and get back at it for 4am for a final push.


With me packing in the rods for Saturday night I was up at 4am with no one joining me except chad who was sleeping bankside. I baited up with a fresh bliss popup from feedlab with two orange maggot clusters from Evolution Carp Tackle and got in the canoe with my sonar, bait and line and canoed out to the ten-foot hole. It wasn’t soon before I was above it and I proceeded to throw in the marker and my bait and then piled the corn and particle mix onto the spot directly.


I returned to shore and waited a good two and a half hours with fish crashing everywhere in the swim. With everyone up and fishing now my rod started peeling drag and screaming oh so familiar carpsounder beeps. The fish took a big run and I started to worry with how much line he took and well then, he started to hook into the weeds way down the bank and we chased him in the canoe. This was an epic battle with the huge mirror pulling us like a bobber behind it until finally after what seemed like an eternity it graced the back of my net. I knew this fish had to be close to if not bigger than my pb set just the day before.

The fish was sacked and I casted back out and proceeded to take pictures when my rod rips off again with another epic fight which for a moment I was ready to get back into the canoe but turned the fish and remained on shore. Now with both fish we weighed the first one which turned out to be my new pb of 24lbs 15ounces with the other fish being just over 23.

We finished our pictures and released both fish and continued fishing as a massive breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage and toast thanks to jade and Jessi. While eating I managed to spot a mature bald eagle which just kept flying in and out of our swim. In sure he could see all them mirrors down there and wanted his breakfast as well.

The morning was fast and furious 7 hours of fishing and managing 7 stunning mirrors and loading another 3 one of which I played for 15 minutes just to tangle in my marker bouy. I swam all the way out to untangle them just to see the fish had already pulled loose I was torn. Sure that was my biggest fish of the trip.

It was definitely an epic time with 14 mirrors hitting the mat with great times with friends and my love Jessi. Can’t wait to hopefully go back again before the year end.


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