Carping in Peterborough

/Carping in Peterborough

Carping in Peterborough

So, after last weekend being my first time fishing in Peterborough. I must say I did not get enough.

I woke up at 2:45 AM Friday morning with everything prepared waiting on my fashionably late carping partner Phil Tabry. Departure time was supposed to be 3:00am but with Phil being such a fashionable guy, we were on the road by 4:30. With a nice, relaxing 4 1/2-hour drive ahead of us, Phil had time to Phil me in on the area and the famous swim we were fishing called “The Pit”.

We pulled up to the swim at 10:30 AM getting our lines wet right away and proceeded to set up the rest of our camp for the weekend. Robin Gray and Zachary Morin came by to visit and we enjoyed a great chat with them learning about the waterway they know so well.

Fishing was extremely slow for me for the first 15 hours with absolutely no action for myself. I tried almost every trick in my bait bag while Phil had multiple fish, one after another on his new Bliss pop ups. Heck, he even let me pick up his rod on the odd run and I got to land my first fish of the trip on the the impressive Sonik Sports Gravity X.

With Len Perdic and Dave-Colleen Ryckman arriving around 10:30 pm, we stayed up late still with only Phil producing a fish every now and again. After being up for over 24 hours, at 3 am Saturday morning, I switched up to Bliss and cast out, retired to my Fox Supa brolly only to be woken up at 4:30am to Dave and Len not sleeping and my Sonik Tournos 8000 just peeling line away. I lifted into my first real fish of the trip. This carp had taken a huge run right off the bat and proceeded to stay deep and not show herself until she was right in front of the net, folding my Sonik SK4 at every lunge. Dave did a fabulous netting job and once on the scale, I realized I had my first 30 of the trip coming in at 30lbs 12ounces. She was sacked for pics to be taken in during the “power hour”.

I couldn’t manage to go back to sleep and stayed up for the remainder of the day catching a few mid to low twenty-pound fish with Phil producing a few more as well. The swim had a lot of fish showing in it but with the heat of the day they really never managed to turn on the way we had originally expected them to.

In the second and final night, we were joined by Will Alexander and we both managed to put some more nice fish on the bank and share some great stories. I managed to pull even for fish at 4:30am the second morning and with Phil “mama bear” Tabry now sleeping upwards of 15 hours and not evening moving an inch out of his hibernation like sleep, I decided it was as good of a time as ever to pull his rod out now that we tied for fish count and give myself some real sleep for a few hours, despite all the snoring that may just have been scaring the fish away, now that I think about it.

It was sad to leave the final day and to say goodbye to such a beautiful place and wonderful people. But with only one fish for myself on the final morning and seeing some of the beauties Dave pulled out in another swim just down the road I am already planning my return trip in the upcoming weeks with the girlfriend to relax in this beautiful Peterborough countryside.

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