St.Lawrence River Carp

/St.Lawrence River Carp

St.Lawrence River Carp

It was last Thursday that I set out to a swim that I had not yet fished this year. On the vast St.Lawrence river where I had been baiting at least twice a week with heavy amount of boilies and maize.

With a nice evening ahead of me after a long day of work. The rods went in and I began to start putting some feed. There were a few catfish and false runs but no sign of carp. It wasn’t until three hours into the session where I managed a beautiful common that topped the scale at 31lbs 9 ounces. I was more than happy with this fish and couldn’t of been bothered if I didn’t catch another carp for the rest of the session.

The catfish still carried on into the darkness and I didn’t believe we would see any more carp that night. It wasn’t until Randy Smith and I was actually packing our the bivy into the bag when I got another small run. After picking up the rod and having the fish only run a measly 10 metres maybe, I was sure I had another catfish. After feeling a couple good head swings I was almost positive I had a big cat. That is until I tried to put pressure and pull the fish in. It was like I was pulling a log sideway. Just a huge amount of dead weight. I started to believe this was a carp and then saw it. It turned right on top of the other rod still in the water. I saw it was huge and Randy quickly reeled in the other rod as he passed me the net. The fish came straight to the net and just like that it was over. Not more than a two-minute fight but after seeing the size of the fish and the little piece of lip that my hook was holding in I was so happy that she was laying before me.

This fish was weighed and reweighed over and over. Just hoping that she was going to hit 40lbs. After settling consistently on the same weight, we knew she was my new pb and an absolute monster of a Quebec common carp coming in at 39lbs and 10ounces.

We proceeded to take all our pictures and reweighed it a last time to be sure. Held her in the water and just admired her size and both randy and I were both in awe as she left my hands and swam back out to feed some more and pass over that 40lbs mark.

This fish was caught on a 10mm pineapple Popup on a Cv tackle and bait rig components and a number 6 Curviv hook, topped with one white and one yellow maggot clusters from Evolution Carp Tackle.

I know this may be my biggest fish for a while but I’m staying hopeful and feeding frequently to try and break this pb again and pass the 40lbs mark.


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